Pitt Advocates

Pitt Advocates is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Pitt who build our network of over 10,000 volunteers. Together, we communicate the global impact of the University's accelerated rise in academic excellence and research innovation.

Pitt Advocates share their story with elected officials to show the real-world impact of higher education. Members are vital to Pitt's success, mobilizing support for legislative and budget priorities and developing greater appreciation for Pitt. We engage to build a stronger University of Pittsburgh for years to come. 

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Advocacy Priority: State Budget Appropriation

Reliable and adequate state funding is critical to the University’s mission. State funding for public universities has been in a decline, so we continue to advocate to restore funding at a level that can adequately support our institution. It is of the utmost importance that as Chancellor Gallagher states that “as the commonwealth navigates these uncertain economic times, ... one course of action should be clear: Adequate and sustained investment in public higher education—and in proven success stories like Pitt—is essential. The University of Pittsburgh’s academic, economic, and community contributions are irrefutable and indispensable and help to build a better life for all Pennsylvanians.”

State funding ensures, we can:

  • Drive student success while offering world-class learning and research opportunities.
  • Remain a global leader in research and innovation.
  • Maintain the value of a Pitt education.

How You Can Do Your Part

Register to Vote: There is nothing more powerful than telling a legislator, “I care about this issue, and I vote.” Register to vote at your current address and find the most up-to-date election information at votes.pa.com

Join Pitt Advocates: Sign up to receive the latest updates on what's happening at the state Capitol in Harrisburg and in Washington D.C. and how it affects the University of Pittsburgh. As a Pitt Advocate, you'll be the first to know when it is time to take action and speak up for Pitt.

Watch for Action Alerts: When it becomes critical that elected officials hear from you, Pitt Advocates issues an advocacy alert. These alerts include a sample message that you can personalize and deliver directly to your elected officials. When you get an action alert, drop everything and take action! It just takes a few minutes to tell your story and make a difference.

Find your Legislator: Elected officials are working to represent you. Learn who your representatives are in the Pennsylvania General Assemby, and the U.S. House and Senate, what their priorities are, and whether they know the importance of Pitt.

Build Relationships: Getting to know your legislators can make an impact. Building relationships with your elected officials is a great way to influence the legislative process and to promote the University of Pittsburgh.