Polling Locations on Election Day: What to Expect

What campus polling locations are being used?

Posvar Hall, located in the first floor lobby, and William Pitt Union, located in the first floor ballrooms. Adjacent to campus, voting will also occur at Soldiers & Sailors Museum.

Why are Pitt buildings being used as polling locations?

It is standard practice for the University to host voting sites on election day -- Public service is a part of our mission as a public university, and civic engagement is an ethic that we work to foster in our students and the University community as a whole. As a result, we will continue to participate this year.

What protocol should Pitt community members who vote and work in the same polling location building follow?

Pitt community members will use separate marked entrances for each: One designated for voting and one designated for University business and instruction, following all safety guidelines.

Who will manage the polling process, including safety protocols and any lines?

County Officials will manage polling locations - including voter registration, participation, safety protocols and wait lines - separate from the University.

If a Pitt community member has questions, issues or concerns regarding polling locations, who should they contact?

Pitt community members with questions regarding these buildings can contact Facilities Management at (412) 624-9512. On election day County Officials in charge of the area will manage all inquiries associated with the polling location onsite.